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Kriss Sheridan is a Polish-American singer with a 4-octave vocal range, songwriter, actor, model and traveler. A son of a US American father and a Polish mother along with being a German citizen. His studies took him to Munich, Madrid and New York City, there after working with several television and radio stations such as RTL Group, ProSiebenSat.1, Televisión Española, RFO Television and Radio Bayernwelle in Munich and Madrid. Sheridan has been admitted to the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York City while doing modeling work. 

His first single HAPPY came out in March 2017. The single peaked at Number-1 on the Polish Music Charts.

The music video was shot in Norway and broadcast on MTV and VIVA TV throughout all of Europe and America.

On July 6, 2017, Sheridan performed on Polish Television TVP Polonia to welcome US President Donald Trump on his visit to Poland.

In March 2018, Sheridan released his second single "I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye", which peaked at Number-1 on the Polish Music Charts and was the Single of the Week in Germany.

The single was an international British-French-Swiss-US American-Polish production, created at a songwriting camp in Spain. 

The official music video was filmed near Warsaw, Poland and directed by Piotr Smoleński. The music video featured appearances by Agata Borowiak (model and the Miss Polonia 2017 finalist) and dancers from the Agustin Egurrola dance studio. 

In October 2018, he released his third single "Tomorrow", which peaked at Number-1 on the Polish Music Charts as well.

Currently Sheridan is working together with world-class music producers and songwriters from USA, Sweden, France and the Netherlands, including the legendary Alan Roy Scott from Los Angeles, who also writes songs for Celine Dion and Cyndi Lauper.


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Kriss Sheridan on Radio Bayern

Kriss Sheridan on Radio Bayern Bayernwelle, Germany

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Kriss Sheridan Radio Eska

Kriss Sheridan on Radio ESKA

Kriss Sheridan Pop Radio

Kriss Sheridan on POP Radio

Kriss Sheridan Radio Krakow

Kriss Sheridan on Radio Krakow

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Kriss Sheridan Meloradio

Kriss Sheridan on Meloradio

Kriss Sheridan Radio Fiat Czestochowa

Kriss Sheridan on Radio Czestochowa

Kriss Sheridan Radio Katowice

Kriss Sheridan on Radio Katowice

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Kriss Sheridan Wojtek Jagielski na zywo Superstacja

Kriss Sheridan on Jagielski Na Zywo The Tonight Show, Superstacja

Kriss Sheridan on Polska Press Muzotok TV

Kriss Sheridan on Muzotok TV, Polska Press

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Kriss Sheridan Radio Wroclaw

Kriss Sheridan on Radio Wroclaw

Kriss Sheridan Radio Bielsko

Kriss Sheridan on Radio Bielsko

Kriss Sheridan Radio Lodz

Kriss Sheridan on Radio Łódź

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